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Out With The Old And In With The New...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Well, we are knee deep in Holiday Cheer and what not, so we have decided to let you know what is coming in 2007 rather then babble on about this past years trials and tribulations.\r\n\r\nFirst off, the debut cd from Giant Brain entitled "Plume" will be in our hands by the end off the week. If you like the idea of Kyuss and Can having themselves a little jam session, then this cd has your name written on it.\r\n\r\nNext, we are gearing up for the new Glasspack release "Dirty Women" in late February. Three chords and the truth, by far the most rocking and best produced Glasspack album to date, this cd will turn a few heads. Shortly after that we will toss out new cds from Hackman, A Thousand Knives Of Fire, and Roadsaw (who will be hitting their Mad Oak Studios in February). Later in the year we will have new cds from Greenleaf, Halfway To Gone, Red Giant, Puny Human, and Tummler.\r\n\r\nFinally, we are getting our ducks in row for SXSW 2007. The Official Small Stone Showcase will be held this year at The Red Eyed Fly or The Room 710 on a yet to be determined evening, and we will be hosting our day party on Friday March 16th at the Room 710. In the running for the night time event are: Sasquatch, Roadsaw, Slot, Dixie Witch, Honky, Five Horse Johnson, The Glasspack, Puny Human, Greatdayforup, The Brought Low, Porn, and a few more (there is room for six), and as for the day party we have thus far confirmed Iota and Mos Generator (more will be added).

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