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Sucking the 70's II

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

We are still waiting for a few of the tracks, but we hope to have this one in the can by Summers' end. We would also like to ad that this is a work in progress, and bands & tracks are always subject to change. So, in the meantime, here is what this record is starting to shape into:\r\n\r\n1. A Thousand Knives Of Fire ű ˘Shock Me÷ (Kiss/ Ace) \r\n2. Acid King - ˘The Stake÷ (Steve Miller)\r\n3. Alabama Thunderpussy ˘Man On The Silver Mountain÷ (Rainbow) \r\n4. Altamont ű tba\r\n5. Antler - "Those Shoes" (The Eagles) or "Sinister Purpose" (CCR)\r\n6. Atomic Bitchwax ű tba\r\n7. Big Chief - tba\r\n8. Bottom ű tba\r\n9. Clutch & Five Horse Johnson ű ˘Red Hot Mama÷ (Funkadelic)\r\n10. Brad Davis (Fu Manchu) ˘Outlaw Man÷ (Eagles)\r\n11. Disengage ű tba\r\n12. Dixie Witch ˘Rock Candy÷ (Montrose)\r\n13. Dozer - ˘Mongoloid÷ (DEVO) \r\n14. Fireball Ministry - "?" (Uriah Heap)\r\n15. Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned ű ˘Season Of The Witch÷ (Donovan)\r\n16. Greatdayforup- "Kashmir" (Led Zepplin)\r\n17. Guy P. & Friends ű ˘Red÷ (King Crimson) \r\n18. Halfway To Gone ű ˘Wish You Were Here÷ (Pink Floyd)\r\n19. Honky ű ˘Snortin' Whiskey÷ (Pat Travers)\r\n20. J.J. Paradise Players Club ű ˘?÷ (Pink Floyd)\r\n21. Lord Sterling - tba \r\n22. Los Natas - ˘Born To Be Wild÷ (Steppenwolf)\r\n23. Mos Generator ű ˘Mistral Wind÷ (Heart)\r\n24. Novadriver - ˘?÷ (Sweet)\r\n25. Porn ű ˘?÷ (Cheech & Chong)\r\n26. Puny Human - "Crazy Horses" (The Osmunds)\r\n27. Red Giant - ˘Rocket Ride÷ (Kiss/ Ace) \r\n28. Scott Reeder ű ˘DogsĂ (Pink Floyd)\r\n29. Roadsaw - "When The Levee Breaks" (Led Zepplin)\r\n30. Rwake - "Sold My Soul" (Nazareth)\r\n31. Sasquatch ű ˘Are You Ready÷ (Grand Funk) \r\n32. Sons Of Otis ű tba\r\n33. Solace ű ˘Man From Mecca÷ (Sweet)\r\n34. Suplecs - "Bridge Of Sighs" by (Robin Trower)\r\n35. The Brought Low ű "Don't Lie To Me" (Big Star)\r\n36. The Glasspack - "Rock n Roll Singer" (AC~DC)\r\n37. The Heads ű tba\r\n38. The Muggs ű ˘I DonĂt Need No Doctor÷ (Humble Pie)\r\n39. Throttlerod - ˘I Just Wanna Make Love To You÷ (Foghat) \r\n40. Tummler -tba\r\n41. Unida ˘Stranglehold÷ (Ted Nugent)\r\n42. Valis - ˘Dominance and Submission÷ (Blue Oyster Cult)\r\n

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