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A Brother Has Fallen...

Saturday, May 7, 2005

We don't like doing this kind of thing, but we feel we have to report some shocking news: Jim Anders, bassist for Detroit and Small Stone's Novadriver has passed away quite suddenly on Friday afternoon of an apparent heart attack— due to a condition that was seemingly unknown to all. He leaves behind a wife and one year old son.\r\nOur hearts and minds are with Roberta, Avery, and Jim's friends and band mates, who are now trying to help Roberta out in any way humanly possible. In what can only be described as a cruel twist of fate, Jim passed away just as Novadriver’s new album went into pressing this week… We here at Small Stone HQ would ask you to join us in mourning this sad event by raising a glass, a lighter in the air, or however you feel it is fitting to celebrate the passing of a life well lived. We will miss you, Jim.\r\n

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