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Valis, Red Giant, and Porn...

Thursday, August 5, 2004

So what do these folks have in common anyway? Well, one they all rock, and two, they have all entered their final production phases for us here at Small Stone HQ.\r\n\r\nThe new Valis cd "Head Full Of Pills" is on its way back from the plant right now. The band had planned on hitting Europe this fall, but those plans have now been pushed back to the Spring of 2005. Perhaps some US dates will be announced shortly.\r\n\r\nRed Giant's "Devil Child Blues" is now mastered, and just waitng for Mr. Saputo to put the finishing touches on the artwork... So far we have only seen the cover and it rocks. This should head to the plant by the end of the month.\r\n\r\nPorn's "Wine, Women and Song..." is now mastered, artwork 100% completed (thanks Frank!), and will be sent off to the plant early next week... better late then never i guess... this one got held up for six months, thanks Moss... but just wait till you here the thing... Oh boy!

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