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OBIAT has secured themselves a new drummer.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Obiat has a new drummer. For those who don’t know our Eye Tree Pi drummer Neil (now father of 2) has left the band and moved up north to support his family. Neil you are one of the best out there, hope you will continue drumming and we wish you all the best and thank you for being part of this journey. It wasn’t easy but we finally convinced Jon our long time friend to join Obiat on drumming duties. He is an amazing drummer with unpredictable “touch” and Obiat is rehearsing regularly since January this year working on the forthcoming 4th album. We would also like to thank Andy, Gary and Wes for helping us out while looking for Neil’s replacement.

The new songs are predictably unpredictable! There is a fresh energy and few up tempo riffs as well as loads of dark psychedelia and slow heaviness. Everything you love about Obiat is there!!!

 We are planning to enter a studio this Autumn and hit the road again pretty soon!!!

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