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Broken Beards

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ever since I started this site, no label has shown me the kind support that Small Stone, and its head Stone, Scott Hamilton, has. For that, I’m gonna give them their own space in this year’s recap. I guess you could title this My Sell Out Moment of the Year. Anyway, I reviewed nine Small Stone albums this year, and when it comes right down to it, they’re completely interchangeable with one another because they all sound exactly the same. Okay, that’s not entirely true, but Small Stone does have a niche, and what makes one album great can generally be applied to the rest. You just gotta like heavy, dirty, fuzzy, stoner rock. Thankfully, I do.

9. All Time High – Friends in High Places

“There’s a dissident air of teen spirit here, a place crowded by zombie children in silver pants, with unwashed hair, with uncashed cheques.”


8. Skånska Mord – The Last Supper

“A bunch of denim-clad longhairs with one boot heel planted firmly on the neck of the ’70s and one hand grasping a big, foggy bowl…walk(s) a rather fine line between heavy, organ-fried, stoner rock and alternative, radio-friendly, arena rock.”


7. Gozu – Locust Season

“With the lo-desert chicanery blasting away…I feel like all four walls are closing in on me fast and hard. The whole damn deal is raw, reeks of rancid rubber, and is as rough n’ tumble as a Boston bar brawl.”


6. Black Sleep of Kali – Our Slow Decay

“It all rolls heavily along like an avalanche of Baroness worship…(and) isn’t without its groovy riffs, hardcore fluctuations, and punk metal aesthetics either, which makes for a fairly dynamic, anarchic listen…”


5. Sasquatch – III

“A looser, groovier, knuckle-draggin’ record than any of its predecessors, which just means Sasquatch strips the meat from the bone before beating you with it.”


4. The Brought Low – Third Record

“The Brought Low could easily be the undisputed Glam Boogie Kings of New York City if they wanted to be…Their riffs flow like molasses, but glitter like stardust…an all-out, blue collar slice of Americana pleasure pie.”


3. Lo-Pan – Sasquanaut

“Lo-Pan are true bruisers, man, barreling their way through the eight songs on Sasquanaut like a dump truck driver on PCP, and should throw a wrench into the power rankings over at Small Stone thanks to their Bigfoot-in-outer-space sound (or gorilla as the cover suggests)…”


2. Solace – A.D.

“(Solace) have packed A.D. with the kind of jet engine riffs and world moving grooves that should squash any doubts about them being a bona fide stoner rock band, if there ever were any.”


1. Red Giant – Dysfunctional Majesty

“Thick-chested overlords of the cosmic mean machine with some heavy duty responsibilities…another batch of bad-ass biker metal blues cut from blood-soaked denim and bathroom walls…”

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