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All Time High, The Brought Low, Dixie Witch...

Friday, January 29, 2010

We wanted to let you all now that debut album "Friends In High Places" from Seattle's All Time High has just arrived... There have been a few pre-release reviews that have nothing but good things to say about 'em too! The cd is now available at our Online Store, so come and get it. The band will also be touring the West Coast (Seattle to Los Angeles) in March. Please check our tours page for details.

As of about 5pm today, The Brought Low's new slab, called "Third Record" is now mastered. We are just waiting for a final sign off from the band, and then off into production it will go. The album is scheduled to be up on Itunes in March, and the cd will be out in early May.... Oh yeah, Hey John, we need that new bio for TBL post haste please!

Finally, We are very pleased to announce that Dixie Witch will now be joining House Of Broken Promises for an upcoming European Tour whick kicks off in April at the Roadburn Festival. This is going to be one kick ass show that is going to blow the roof off of many a joint! The 2010 DW/ HOBP Euro Tour will kick off on April 18th in Holland, and will hit stages in Germany, Italy, and a few other countries along the way. Many of the dates are now posted on our tours page.

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