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Stage 1 of the Rustbelt Sessions is now complete...

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Well, just about two weeks ago, the boys from Halfway To Gone, Puny Human, Five Horse Johnson, Novadriver, and a few other Motorcity low lifes, layed down about twenty songs for our first installment of the Rustbelt Sessions. Think the Desert Sessions with more booze and bunch of snow (not cocaine), the real shit that makes your car slide off the road when it is five below zero... (well, i guess blow could make you do that too). We have quite a bit of editing and mixing ahead of us, not to mention that a good portion of the tracks are about be sent out to have vocals layed down by various burnout type wordsmiths across the country (Jonah, Moss, Larson, Whitehead, Rota, Trinidad, and the list will continue to grow). So what does it soundlike you ask? Heavy, tripped out, fuzz, sludge, southern, blues, (we have something for just about everyone out there)... there are even an a few 80's moments on two of these nuggets (think joy division, gang of four, and you will not be far off. As for a release date, who knows? Most likely sometime in the Fall of 2004.

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