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Through the Eyes of Heathens


Frederik Nordin: Vocals and Guitar
Tommi Holappa: Lead Guitar
Johan Rockner: Bass Guitar
Daniell Liden: Drums

Additional Vocals: Troy Sanders of Mastodon

Reviews for Through the Eyes of Heathens...

Cosmic Lava

Some years have past, since DOZERĺs first release, what has been a split-EP with Unida on Meteor City. During the last years, the group had toured a lot through Europe and USA, and recorded further albums. Maybe all this is the reason for DOZERĺs excellent developement from a typical sounding Kyuss-clone into a powerful heavy rock unit, which still is influenced by Kyuss and QotSA without losing their very own sound. "Through The Eyes of Heathensô is a very good document of what the band is capable of in 2005, and thatĺs pretty impressive. The band rips through ten powerful and dynamic riff-based tracks, and especially drummer Daniel Liden is an amazing musician, who adds a double doze of powerhouse drumming to the band. Although I never will be a huge fan of this band, I must confess, that this album is their masterpiece, and a must-have for every fan of modern heavy rock. (KK)
January 13th, 2008

Metal Rules.com

ThereĂs no question that Americans have mastered the art of creating heavy, groovy stoner rock. Outside of these North American shores however, it is a different story. Outside of England (also masters at it) not too many bands come to mind that came do this style well. Some notables would include PolandĂs Corruption and SwedenĂs The Quill, but thatĂs about it for well-known bands. Well, letĂs add one more Swedish band to that list: Dozer. Born in 1996, they have been striding the stages worldwide for a decade! Even though this is my first contact with the band, this album is their fourth full-length. The band has also released a slew of 7Ă EPs and singles as well.

I listened to THROUGH THE EYES OF HEATHENS many times without ever reading the bio, and from the sounds of the albumĂs heavy and melodic stoner drone, I immediately assumed this band was from the States. I was shocked to find they were from the land of melodic death metal. They may be Swedish, but they have easily mastered their chosen style.

Lead by Fredrik NordinĂs clear and melodic vocals, DozerĂs music is insidious. That is, the songs are so catchy and yet so crushing, theyĂve got you smiling as they pound your skull into dust. Just as you get yourself singing along with Nordin, a heavy riff or solo comes flying at you and knocks you on our ass! The vicious ˘From Fire Fell÷ is a great example of this as it follows the catchy, radio-ready ˘Born a Legend÷ (great title!) with an assault of buzzing guitars and howled vocals. Over all though, THROUGH THE EYES OF HEATHENS is an album you can put on, close your eyes, and allow it to take you on its raucous journey.

ItĂs clear that after 10 years in business, Dozer have reached the top of their craft. It will only take one listen of this album to convince you too. This is one that stoner rock fans cannot afford to miss.

Rating: 4.5/5

Reviewer: Waspman
June, 2006

Skratch Magazine

The earthshaking tones of Sweden's Dozer are back with full force on the quartet's most recent release, the 10-track THROUGH THE EYES OF HEATHENS. Fleshing out their Hessian blend of stoner rock with a plethora of hard-rock histrionics and desert-rock debauchery, songs like "Blood Undone" and the groove-laden "Man of Fire" contain grungy nuances and garage rock's fuzziness, which further accentuate the band's already mammoth sound; while "Days of Future Past" knocks you on your ass with a loud/soft dynamic that evokes Soundgarden or Alice in Chains at their grittiest. Versatile enough to execute brooding slow-burners like "Until Man Exists No More" with the same expertise as they do the chunky riffs on "Drawing Dead", this disc is an essential purchase for the hard-rock fan whose eclectic palate enjoys fare way beyond Godsmack.

Mike SOS
April, 2006

Zero Magazine

Alright! My Swedish boys are back with another album of pure rock fury, to quote a Clutch album. Dozer has been doing their thing for 10 years. I first heard them back when the ManĂs Ruin label was around, and that is saying a lot. Several albums later, Dozer is showing why they are still around. They continue to pump out quality rock, that I wish everyone has the chance to enjoy. I wouldnĂt mind if major radio picked up on them, because they deserve all the attention. Fredrik Nordin has a voice that is actually recognizable and stands up amongst the greats.

If you are one to hop into your vintage classic car and just go for a ride, this band will be your copilot, never steering you wrong. If you are into all the old classic rock of the 70Ăs I assure you that Dozer easily ranks amongst them. If you have been diving into the newer stuff from the Hellacopters, Nebula, and Fu Manchu, you wonĂt want to overlook this release. The term rock ŠnĂ roll is meant for bands such as Dozer and they wear it well, like your favorite old-school patch on your jean jacket.

Andy Smythe
April 4th, 2006

Aural Innovations

Dozer is back! Not that they ever went away. But after tour after tour the band is still producing a new CD every 2 years or so. Anyway, this is by far the heaviest thing Dozer has ever done and is sort of crossing over into a more heavy metal sound. The influence of touring and becoming friends with Mastadon is very obvious on many tracks. The vocalist from Mastadon contributes as well to the CD. I think this will bring them a lot of new fans, though as the same drive that the band has always had is still there but now they have more of a focus to their sound and are heavier. "From Fire Fell" really pummels you with some heavy riffing and screaming shouting vocals but also sometimes Fredrick sings more melodically as well. "Until Man Exists No More" starts very slow and dark (with piano) before the very heavy riffing kicks in. This track could have been on a Mastadon record! "Days of Future Past" (remember Nektar?) brings things down a bit and Fredrick sings a lot like Josh Homme on this track. Seems Josh influences just about every vocalist in this genre these days. The track is heavy but also one of the most melodic in some ways. "Omega Glory" is another high energy bulldozer of a song. "Blood Undone" is a great track, in classic Dozer style. "The Roof, The River, The Revolver" is another very heavy Mastodon influenced track, but quite cool. A bit psychedelic vocals. Nice change. The CD ends with the amazing "Big Sky Theory", easily my favorite track on the CD and probably the best track the band has ever recorded. You have to give it to Dozer.. They work hard and play damn tight music. The drumming is outstanding on this CD and the grooves heavy and the band have evolved their sound a bit. Congrats!

Even Dozer seems to have dropped almost all the lead guitar from their album. What the hell is going on in this world, where the heavy metal bands are no longer soloing and most of the stoner rock bands don't know what a guitar solo is anymore??? Riffing all the time is fucking boring, man. Beware, the band has a new web site but hardly any of the links are working, including the tour dates.

Scott Heller
March 2006

All Access Magazine

It all started in 1998, with a split CD from UNIDA and DOZER.The great John Garcia had just left SLO BURN so I couldn't wait to hear the latest band he 'd front called UNIDA. Well low and behold, the band on the flip side was from Sweden, a country that knows how to rock! Fast foward 10 years and they are still one of stonerrocks legendary giants. Dozer are the classic example of hard work, heavy rock, untimely rhythms and passionate vocals. With their latest self produced CD, ˘Through The Eyes Of Heathens÷, Dozer return to the ranks of ultimate stoner rock legends. Recorded at Seawolf Studios, on an island in Helsinki, Finland, this CD is filled with what weĂve become accustomed to from this Swedish band. A heavy rhythm section that is in the perfect place, set right in your face, as the drums of Daniel Linden keep pounding over the bass of Johan Rockner. All the while, the rhythm guitar and vocals of Fredrik Nordin are the perfect match to the wailing lead guitar of Tommi Holappa.

These guys get their stoner groove on with the opening track ˘Drawing Dead÷, complete with crisp vocals, impressive drums and driving bass. ˘Born A Legend÷ has that huge Dozer riffage with a memorable chorus. ˘Fire From Fell÷ takes the genre to another level. Check out the different vocal styles in just this one song. All of a sudden my jaw dropped when I heard the low tone of a piano, as the very dark and creepy opening of ˘Until Man Exists No More÷ built up slow and easy, while remaining heavier as ever. Not only were the vocal effects an added attraction but the guesting of MastadonĂs Troy Sanders might turn on a few OZZFEST fans to Dozers type of hard rock. Could you imagine these bands getting to play OZZFEST?

Hell, the song ÷Days Of The Future÷ has the past mixing with a more modern sound. I love the way the vocals start off low and then grow, only to come back down again. ThereĂs more soulful vocals on the songs, ˘Omega Glory÷ and ˘Man Of Fire÷ that has its roots dug deep into the grounds of Sabbath. So if you like this type of music, my god pick up this CD, if not just for the closing track ˘Big Sky Theory÷. An 8 minute epic from the stoned age that sounds like a drum solo at the beginning, then turning out to be a slab of rock at the alter of the stoner gods. Welcome to the church of Dozer, as seen through the eyes of heathens.

The Rocker
March 23, 2006

ADD Reviews

Groovy, melodic, heavy, and at-times psychedelic stoner rock from Sweden. Perfect soundtrack for driving really, really fast!

4.5 out of 5.0

March 28th, 2006


Dozer was one of the first ˘stoner rock÷ bands I ever heard. It was 1999, and I had finally finished my last stint in rehab. I wasnĂt paying much attention in the 90Ăs, being drunk and homeless and all, so rock nĂ roll completely fell apart in my absence. Nu metal and Limp Bizkit and all that shit, you remember. Buckcherry was the only listenable thing on the radio. Those were heavy days. So I went randomly searching for real rock nĂ roll, and DozerĂs Mans Ruin EP, the one with the comet on the cover, somehow found itĂs way into my hands. And I was relieved, because at least somebody was still out there, making big, ugly, loud-as-fuck rock. Real no-apologies shit, with acid-dipped spaceman guitars, horny howling dog vocals, and dark, chewy Sabbathisms. That was some time ago, of course, and many things have changed. Dozer survived the Šstoner rockĂ era, and I got rock nĂ roll all sorted out again. But what hasnĂt changed is the signature Dozer sound, that thick amber flood of sci-fi warfare, that breezy-sleazy, sun-dried dopechug. ItĂs all over this Šun, too, from the dirty, scrambled-egg fuzz of ˘Omega Glory÷ to the sugar-sweetened beard-o rawk of the Queens-y ˘From Fire Fell÷. And thatĂs alright with me, man, because we still need Dozer. You never know when IĂm gonna fall off the wagon, leaving rock nĂ roll to the Heathens. Dozer might have to save it again, one space-streaked megariff at a time.

March 17th, 2006

Fuzz Rebel

Dozer has always been one of my favourite bands. IĂve followed them since they released the split with Unida. TheyĂve always been a band to depend on, when IĂve bought a new Dozer album IĂve always known that the albumĂs gonna rock! And this time itĂs not different. Maybe, in that way that this is there best album yet. This album contains a variety of songs, the aggressive tunes are more aggressive than before and the mellow tunes are mellower than before. I think theyĂve really succeeded in turning this record into an album with a wide range of songs.

This album has a really cool vibe, I canĂt pinpoint what it is but sometimes it feels kind of eerie. ItĂs raw and itĂs soft, itĂs stripped down and itĂs thought through. IĂm really impressed, especially by FredrikĂs vocal achievement. HeĂs evolved from album to album; this time heĂs really complimented the songs with great vocal lines, this entire album is a super achievement!!

The first song is a real classic Dozer kick in the balls tune. And after that it just continues to blow you away. From Fire Fell is a raw tune, Fredrik screams out the words itĂs fabulous. Days Of Future Past is a really beautiful song, with a really great verse; the smooth verse gives the chorus a very dynamic effect. Until Man Exist No More is a great heavy tune that features MastodonĂs singer.

I can only advice you to by this rocking album!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5

Niklas Falk
March 20th, 2006

Daredevil Magazine (Germany)

Scandinavian Stoners Doezer are back with a new heavy-riff-attack. It?s about three years ago when I listened to their "Call It Conspiracy" release and it was Stoner the way I like it... heavy, fat and really melodic. This time the four guys from Sweden put a few punds on top and created a way more heavy piece of Stoner-Rock. Compared to their previous releases "Through The Eyes Of Heathens" is more grown up and way more heavy. It?s always easy to say that Dozer would sound like Kyuss, but that was in 1997/1998, but these guys created their own universe of Stoner Rock and so Dozer stands for it?s own. On the "Through The Eyes Of Heathens" album you can hear the ten years of Dozer?s existence... the experience... the blood, the sweat... the countless concerts... the band. "Through The Eyes Of Heathens" is Stoner-Rock in the year 2006... original, catchy and melodic to the max. I think I have nothing more to say, Stoner on a really high level and I guess and I hope that this album sets new standarts in the Stoner scene so we can positively look into the future of this genre.

rating: 7 stars

March 5th, 2006

The Aquarian/East Coast Rocker

The beginnings of SwedenĂs Dozer were humble. Written off for years as yet another in a vast league of Kyuss clones, they sweat it out in the Euro stoner underground, releasing album after overlooked album of quality material. With Through The Eyes Of Heathens, the band doesnĂt just sound like Kyuss. They sound like what those seminal desert rockers would sound like if they were still a band. TheyĂve progressed, developed their own identity, and if this record doesnĂt get them the notoriety theyĂve long deserved in their scene, itĂs certainly through no fault of their own. More than being catchy, these are top grade songs that stay with you long after listening. DozerĂs latest might just be the first stoner rock must-have of 2006.

JJ Koczan

March 1st, 2006

Hellride Music

Sweden's Dozer has already beaten the odds. Just look at the old Molten Universe samplers: how many of those groups are still together? Not many. Dozer has outlasted the typical 2-4 year lifespan of an underground stoner/doom group; they're now in their tenth year of providing the best in sledgehammer desert rock, and it's time to break out the Jaeger or the Stoli, 'cause they've done their share of suffering for the cause and come through it all, producing some of their strongest work to date.

'Through the Eyes of Heathens,' Dozer's fourth album, is a mad endorphin rush of melody, fuzz, and pure power from start to finish. The songwriting ranks with their strongest, while bringing a new maturity to the table that was lacking in previous efforts. These folks have PhDs in head-shaking, hair-waving tuneology; the music is consistently heavy, heartfelt, passionate, intelligent, infectious, and above all Pledges Allegiance to The Groove. As with all superior rockin', the rhythm section is white-hot, and even if you haven't seen the group live you just KNOW that the drummer smokes his studio work onstage. As always, Tommi's guitar schools the masses on the possibilities of The Fuzz, and this time Fredrik's vocals are just as powerful as the guitar. Good thing, 'cause it showcases just what a powerful, melodic, rockin' instrument that voice can be.

There's no point in dissecting this album. Just get with the rush, 'cause this heavy, crunching metal, rife with melody, dynamics and power, is the very definition of joyful noise. I couldn't wipe the grin off my face. 'Through the Eyes of Heathens' ranks up there with the very best of recent desert-inspired releases, along with Truckfighters and Calamus. You know what to do.......

Kevin McHugh
February 27th, 2006

The Cutting Edge

The wait has almost been agonizing as we've anticipated this new opus from Sweden's centrifuged sludge riffers, Dozer. Three years has seen its effect taking the band in a more metallic, axe-grinding direction. More rock and less stoned out fuzz. Those massive riffs are still there and "Drawing Dead" sets the bar with a hypnotic wielding from the frets of guitarist Tommi. "From Fire Fell" and "Omega Glory" follow suit, packing some COC in the hook. There's still the desert vibe in "Born A Legend," the densely eruptive "Until Man Exists No More" and the beautiful straight-ass rocker "Days Of Future Past" only this time they're carrying a big oak club.

There is a cohesive tightness to the band this time around. Some may find it hard to appreciate based on the loose stands of Madre de Dios (2000) or the second side of Call It Conspiracy (2003). However, everyone must agree singer/guitarist Fredrik Nordin has come into his own. His voice, though sometimes whiney in a Chris Isaak kind of way, can unleash a volley of angst. By the time the record gets to the savage "Blood Undone," we hear a confidence that only comes from getting to know your strengths and muscling them up for a fight. Complexity fuels "The Roof, The River, The Revolver" with a bit of Audioslave thrown in and the nature of "Man of Fire" though heavy as hell, drifts into a caustic wasteland. "Big Sky Theory" bounces right back with a massive engine of thunderous guitars, cavernous bass/drum lines and otherworldly vocals - surging, holding back and surging again.

Todd K Smith
February 21st, 2006

Daredevil Records (Germany)

The leading European Stoner Rock band is back. With a mighty record! Not so much has changed, and that is good! They know what they want and they did a good step forward on the musically side. After the last record they toured in Europe and in the States and I think I really donĂt know any other band that is on tour for so much time. Starting with the groovy DRAWING DEAD, you will hear that the band has after the big touring for their last recording more groove as ever before! BORN A LEGENDE has these typical Dozer riffing and turns into a great chorus. FROM FIRE FELL shows a new side of the band. Fast and with screamed vocals. Cool and a big surprise! And with the chorus Fredrik is very close to Josh Homme! Biggest surprise on this record and one of the best Dozer songs so far! UNTIL MAN EXISTS NO MORE is a slow and heavy roller. The strange vocals from Fredrik are great! And they know the right balance of silence and power at this track. DAYS OF FUTURE PAST is very Dozer untypical. This has nothing to do with Stoner Rock. This is great stuff in the veins of some modern Rock bands. Great track! OMEGA GLORY starts with that mighty Stoner Rock riff and turns into one of the most emotional sung vocals from Dozer! And the chorus is a blast! KILLER TRACK! BLOOD UNDONE and THE ROOF, THE RIVER, THE REVOLVER are typical Dozer smasher and with MAN OF FIRE they produce a hit! Wow! Especially the last track BIG SKY THEORY is masterpiece. 8 minutes full of power and heaviness, but with the right moments for silent parts. No filler on this record! And a lot of different stuff! And the best Dozer material so far! The last record was good, but no chance against this output! After the first listening I was a little bit disappointed, but after some more tries it is a blast! The best Dozer release so far! Get it!

Sound: 8

Music: 9

Info: 10 songs / 45 minutes

February 15th, 2006

Absolut Metal

Dozer are another band to add to the list of killer bands who just happen to be from Sweden... only they're not death metal. Dozer could fall into the wide range of that which we call "stoner rock", they've got groove, fuzzy riffs, and they're obviously pissed off about something, which is good. They could be pissed off because they've been around for 10 years and haven't exactly gotten the attention they deserve, but I figure it's something else too. Dozer goes from slow, quiet and mellow to outright chunky heaviness, melodic vocals to some light growling. Mostly they've got the groovy, mellow, but driving and pissed thing going on...if that makes any sense. Just check these guys out, you'll probably be happy you did.

February 14th, 2006


Dozer attacks with the classic blend of deep, heavy rock instrumentals, shot through with psychedelic fuzz, and tenor sung vocals, all fusing in an energetic and smokeworthy crank-out of hard rock attack. Take a little trippyness, a lot muscular rock, some melody mixed in the crunch, and full tilt attitude and you've got the stoner rock assault that is Dozer's "Through the Eyes of Heathens." Never say die 'tude and rollicking rock manliness are the order of the day.

Upchuck Undergrind
February 9th, 2006

High Bias

Formerly Sweden's foremost Kyuss clone, Dozer has evolved. On the first Dozer record in three years, singer/guitarist Fredrik Nordin sounds less enamored of John Garcia than inspired by the stoner rock legend, and the band itself has focused its rollicking riffage into a tighter, more aggressive, less desert-soaked direction. Tracks like "Blood Undone," "From Fire Fell" and "The Roof, the River, the Revolver" are more likely to violently slay their enemies than offer them a bong hit. Through the Eyes of Heathens is quite satisfying, without the familiar aftertaste.

Michael Toland
January 29th, 2006

HK Entertainment


For the dwindling desert rock (stoner rock, if you must) scene, Sweden is an oasis. With bands like Sgt. Sunshine and Dozer, there is a clearing in the cloud (or haze of smoke) of doubt. All the maned beer-swiggers mourning the distant legend of Kyuss and cumming at the news of somewhat of a reunion at a recent Queens Of The Stone Age show need to leave it right now. They need to turn around, draw the curtains, and slip this disc into the stereo.

Five years after their full-length debut, Dozer rules righteous ground. Through The Eyes Of Heathens definitely pumps the classic stoner riffage; it is good reason for the down-hearted bearers of the genre to raise their flags and parade. ItĂs tight. Real tight. But this record gets the spot shot because this is an evolution. ˘Days Of Future Past÷ pulls it back a bit low key, quiets down everything and letĂs singer Fredrik Nordin take the lead. Just the fact that they can pull off ű and pull off well ű a riff rock song after minimizing the role of the riff is worthy of standing applaud. What this gem proves is the remarkable growth in DozerĂs songwriting. Although the record still adheres to the tried stoner rock mix of low vocals behind the music, the singing is no longer a secondary ornament, Nordin sings with a gut full of power, and the lyrics are thankfully not exclusively about drugs, cars, and girls. His words are good and his melodies and harmonies perfect. The heavy, scorching vibe of old is anything but absent, but as the listener ventures further into the album, it becomes clear that this isnĂt just a great stoner rock album. It is a great rock album. In fact, go ahead and ditch that as well. This is a great album.

Wait! There is one song I donĂt like on here. ItĂs called ˘Man Of Fire÷. Somewhere between the title, the incessant verses, and the pathetic vocal tune, the song brings around unsettling images of the homoerotic, half-naked members of Manowar prancing, circling a fire, a fire burning dangerously close to my sanity. Other than this odd number, the songs line up and flow like the drapes on a shampoo-advert model.

ThereĂs also a production upgrade. The mix does it. The rhythm section kicks the hardest, the way it should on an album with this much going on rhythmically. On the marathon of a closer, ˘Big Sky Theory,÷ drummer Daniel Liden pounds the set (real slow and real low, like the Gods like it) hard enough to put up a fight against even the ten-drum attack of the MelvinsĂ ˘Spread Eagle Beagle.÷ Even the straight up, in-your-face rock ŠnĂ roll tracks like my personal favourite, ˘Drawing Dead,÷ have a tremendous emphasis on variation with the rhythm, an often grossly overlooked aspect of stoner rock that usually gives way to robotic, charging drums that - although unquestionably packing fat grooves ű donĂt leave miles for growth. The second track on the album, ˘Born A Legend,÷ for example, presents some stuff that I donĂt think IĂve ever heard before on a rock record.

There is one exception in the flawless sound of this album: the bass needs some cranking. I can feel it alright and the tone is right on, but IĂm having to focus more than I want to on hearing it against everything else. It works so well with the other instruments (when heard) that turning it up a notch might just elevate the sound to an unbreakable paramount. The guyĂs last name is ˘Rockner÷ for ChristĂs sake; folks need to dig what the manĂs got to say.

Through The Eyes Of Heathens is perhaps this yearĂs most overlooked album (everyone whoĂs heard it has it on their tops, and everyone who hasnĂt heard it hasnĂt heard it). If this record can cut through the jive and the bull and stretch out into a wider metal audience, there just might be a classic on our hands. The albumĂs basically calling for people to pour into it. MastodonĂs Troy Sanders even appears on the track ˘Until Man Exists No More.÷ There are tons of listeners who would pounce on this album if they only knew of the solid-gold sounds that lay it.

This Dozer is a fountain of groove erupting from a pit of brain condensing heavy. From the moment it chugs and spins till it slugs to a stop, this album pumps more rock than a quarry. Painful cheese aside, Through The Eyes Of Heathens is quality from alpha to omega, nonstop.

Article by
Indrayudh Shome
January 23rd, 2006


It's really impossible to discuss "stoner rock" without giving considerable mention to Dozer. Of all the bands that sprung up during the genre's fertile early years, Dozer's one of the few that's had any semblance of true staying power. Since the release of their split with Unida in 1998, they've been the benchmark for Swedish stoner rock, crafting near-perfect rock songs that encompass all thatĂs great about the genre. "Sounds like Dozer" is as frequent as descriptor as is "sounds like Kyuss."

Their 2000 full-length debut, In the Tail of a Comet, was a classic. With a few exceptions, the follow up, Madre de Dios (2001), paled in comparison, lacking the same awesome qualities of songs like "Supersoul," "Light Years Ahead," "Riding the Machine," and "High Roller." 2003's Call It Conspiracy was a step back in the right direction, matching In the Tail of a Comet in terms of quality while showing signs of growth.

Now signed to Small Stone, the biggest fish in the little pond of underground labels that supports this genre, Dozer comes back with Through the Eyes of Heathens to school us all once again. What's immediately noticeable is that the two years since Call It Conspiracy have toughened the band up. ThereĂs a harder, rougher edge to Through the Eyes of Heathens. While the band is still a master of the fuzzĂd out riff and catchy chorus, tracks like "Drawing Dead," "From Fire Fell," and "The Roof, the River, the Revolver" leap out at you with pounding rhythms and almost snarling vocals. Even the slower, more melodic "Until Man Exists" ends with a growling outro.

But this doesn't mean they've traded in the classic rock licks for some Mastodon-style metal. "Born a Legend," "Blood Undone," and "Man of Fire" maintain the band's style that's been inherent since the early days. And a Dozer album wouldnĂt be complete with a drawn out closing track. In this case, it's "Big Sky Theory," and it's one of those tracks that sums up all that's perfect about the band ű a heavy crunch, high-as-kite-friendly grooves, appealing melodies, and the prerequisite blistering solo.

There's a reason why a band like Dozer has survived through the ever-changing musical landscape ű they're a quality act and fully deserving of the praise theyĂve received. I'Ăs too early to say whether or not Through the Eyes of Heathens will be considered a classic, but it's never too soon to recommend it to anyone with an appreciation for solid hard rock.

John Pegoraro
November, 2005


Let me point out that im not surprised over what a ground shaker ''Through The Eyes Of Heathens'' really is. More like impressed. Dozer are celebrating ten years as a band and during this time they have released some of the best albums of their genre, they have done splits with bands like Los Natas, Demon Cleaner and Unida, released singles, vinyls and appeared on numerous famed compilations. This, together with extensive touring resulted in the band finaly getting signed by a bigger label, Small Stone Records... how can one be anything but impressed?

Experience and sheer love for doing their thing, Dozer have evolved beyond their genre with ''... Heathens''. Of course there still is the fat ass riffing going on. Songs like ''From Fire Fell'', ''Omega Glory'', ''Man Of Fire'' and above all the given single ''Drawing Dead'' have that powerfull, high energy guitar drive in them. Riff machine Tommi delivers hook after hook and Daniel offers some of the best drumming recorded on this side of the millenium. The tightness of this band is in my opinion unmatched. And on this album, Dozer show off a bit more psychadellic or perhaps experimental side of themselves. The last song, ''Big Sky Theory'', is nothing but a masterpiece. Being about twice as long as an avarage Dozer song, it gives you a listening experience out of the ordinary. Builds up to a storm, calms down... ambient, beautiful vocals... builds up again... can't stop listening. Another song leaving me knocked is ''Until Man Exists No More''. Again calmer passages transform into a sonic tornado, insane drumming and melodic vocals. The
slightly trippier, more diverse side is exactly what's needed for Dozer to stay interesting.

This without doubt will be album of the year for many listeners. In a genre where the average life span of a band is like 3-5 years, Dozer have become the mainstay with their ten years on top. To support the release of ''Through The Eyes Of Heathens'' the guys are embarking on an european tour stretching over nine countries. Do not miss out on an opportunity to see this band live. Check out tour dates and the mp3 player at their recently redisigned site. Some say that Dozer are lucky to have been signed by Small Stone Records... I'd say Small Stone are the lucky ones.....

Rate: 13/13

Jose ElArquitecto -
November, 2005

Album Tracks

  1. Drawing Dead
  2. From Fire Fell
  3. Born a Legend
  4. Until Man Exists No More
  5. Days of Future Past
  6. Omega Glory
  7. Blood Undone
  8. The Roof, The River, The Revolver
  9. Man of Fire
  10. Big Sky Theory

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