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Puny Human
Revenge is Easy


Josh Diamond: Guitar
Jason Diamond: Bass
Jim Starace: Vocals
Iann Robinson: Drums

Recorded at LOHO studios NYC.
Produced by Joe Hogan & Puny Human.
Engineered & Mixed by Joe Hogan.
Mastered by Chris Gooseman.
Illustration and design by Keith Scharwath.

Reviews for Revenge is Easy...


Finger-fucking good!

Tim Catz

August, 2000


So much ass to kick, so little time. Running a mid-tempo sludge inflected boogie dagger through classic hard edged arena rock, (as it rode the metal/hard rock devide of '74) and pouring the copious amount of richly nutrious blood into a bottle labeled "For Wild Club Action, Transfuse Weekly" allows for much positive rock action. Time it right and as you hit the end of the beer, the end of the road and the end of the tape you'll be ready for the trip home and the whole disc proper, 'cause its a good one.

Craig Regala
Septmeber, 2000


With songs titled "Jesus Has My Leg," "Eating Cigarettes," and "Jimbo The Hut," Puny Human seems more like a Monty Python-influenced comedy troupe than a rock band. But it's clear from listening to this album that these guys don't mess around with their music. Puny Human sound like Black Sabbath at their slowest and lowest (the songs move as fast as Ozzy Osbourne lumbering across a concert stage), while vocalist Jim Stance has a deep, commanding voice reminiscent of Rob Zombie. These guys ain't no cover band, though. The tunes "Raze The Leghorn Bar" and "Spatial Interpolation" find them locking into a blues groove that would make a Cream-era Eric Clapton proud. Grade: B for Bodacious

Paul Semel
August, 2000


Cool, what I hear is music I would throw into one bucket with Alabama Thunder Pussy or Candybar Planet. 10 dirty, dusty and fuzzy stoner rock tracks. Hell, this is very heavy riffing, stomping stuff. Sometimes almost comparable with Awesome Machine's sound. Very strong, energy soaked vocals underline the brainsticking rhythm. The songs keep flowing into each other and one highlight is followed by the next one. This one will surely become an all-time favorite. I just couldn't stop playing it again and again. And as a special present you will find a hidden bonus track: a cover version of Aerosmith's "Rock In A Hard Place"...- this CD burns!!!

August, 2000


You know, that thick fuzzy guitar sound that lotsa bands use as a sort of Sabbath homage is actually much more than Tony Iommi ever imagined 30 years ago. Puny Human takes that viscous riffage and adds hoarse, almost hardcore style vocals to craft a real attacking sound. And, oh boy, does it work. There are the requisite Geezer-style bass runs as well, but Puny Human is all about sonic pain. No subtlety, nothing hidden up the sleeve. Everything is right on the table. It sure does feel good. When this style is done well, particularly when the influence doesn't extend to rip-off, the stuff can be irresistible. It sure is here. Great driving music. The songs throb and pound away, blasting holes in space. A simple pleasure, the sort of thing that just can't be explained rationally. Once the riffage enters the bloodstream, it's all over. Just gotta sit back and let the music take the wheel.

Jon Worley
(#202) -September, 2000


Stoner rock fans rejoice, there's a new sheriff in town. Puny Human is cut from the same sludgy mold as Fu Manchu and Alabama Thunderpussy but seems determined to carve its own niche. Musically, this is a powerhouse - sadistic singing, amp-killing guitar fuzz and a rhythm section to wake the dead. Revenge Is Easy goes for the throat from the first grungy power chord and doesn't let up until the last eardrum-swelling feedback swoove and whiskey-soaked vocal delivery from Jim Starace, while "Goddess Of The Metal" pulverizes with Josh Diamond's thunderous guitar and Iann Robininson's lethal drum beats. "Lefty Among The Leeches" nearly blows the engine by shifting into dangerous sonic speeds, and the undulating rhythmic workout of "Jesus Has My Leg" is exhausting. Folks who like to get their cd collections good and dirty will undoubtedly gobblke this up.

Greg McQueen
(#62) - October, 2000


Tags like Heavy Metal or Stoner Rock don't do justice to New York City's Puny Human. Something like Giant Freaking Boulder Smacking You Between the Eyes and Crushing Your Skull Like an Eggshell Rock would better convey the absurd overkill and slamming power of these boys. Riff-laden, fuzz-busting tracks like Jesus Has My Leg, Way of the Intercepting Fist and Stink of Two Men (not to mention their cover of Aerosmith's Rock in a Hard Place) tell us these guys have spent quality time with their Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Fu Manchu, Kyuss and Tad albums. And their wailing wah-wah guitars, muscle-car boogie and cowbell-rock blast makes it clear they were paying attention. You'll do the same if you know what's good for you. Take it from us, Revenge is sweet.

Darryl Sterdan
September 22, 2000


Revenge Is Easy" by Puny Human is Nth great record recently released by Small Stone, a label that has already vitiated us with its Five Horse Johnson's albums and that is ready to celebrate the end of the year (and the millennium) with new works from Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned and Halfway To Gone. But, contrarily to the other bands on the roster, all more or less dedicated to a classic hard rock sound and approach, Puny Human turns out surely more in line with the stoner rock genre. With this debut album that I suggest not to miss, the New York band shows its own style, characterized by an animal blues feelings as in the splendid "Raze The Leghorn Bar" and "Goddess Of The Metal", exalted from the beautiful fuzz-sound of Josh Diamond's guitar and from the low frequencies of Jason Diamond's bass. It's super-amplified and distorted blues music (in the same vein of C.O.C., early Sixty Shaman Watt and certain things from the Melvins), so much stonerized that of Puny Human's idols Cactus and Grand Funk Railroad doesn't remain anything but a feeling, as in the beautiful guitar solo of "Eating Cigarettes" and obviously in "Rock In A Hard Place", an Aerosmith cover hidden at the end of the record. The caustic "Lefty Among The Leeches" and "Stink Of Two Men" made me think of Motorhead, episodes of furious stoner punk, but "Jesus Has My Leg" is even more attractive, with a vaguely melancholic chorus drowned in a sea of distortion and a stormy psychedelic tail: sadness transformed first in anger and then in abandon. The melodic component is strong also in the swampy "Spatial Interpolation" and in "Jimbo The Hut", supported by Jim Starace's alcoholic vocals. A rough, broken howl, that in the car-song "Way Of The Intercepting Fist" is wisely alternated to the Diamond's solos and a dancing rhythm. If you think that these song titles are at least curious and lightly humorous, you have hit the target; but this is nothing if compared with the sublime irony with which drummer Iann Robinson, a veejay for MTV (!), propagandizes the stoner rock music wearing t-shirts of Fireball Ministry and other "mysterious" bands in front of thousands MTV tele -idiots that are waiting for the last video from Blink 182 or for clapping their hands while Britney Spears gets a prize as the best artist of the year! Sure, the "stoned revolution" won't start thanks to MTV, but Puny Human don't care at all: their goal is to vomit high voltage rock out of their amps, and they'll stop just for checking out if there's enough beer left inside the freezer.

November, 2000


Puny Human is anything but. With it's inebriated, C.F. Turner (BTO)-esque vocals and larger than life ability to stomp your brains in, there is an abundance of massiveness represented here.

The band, structured around a burly, yet quirky (Yoda makes an appearance on the album here folks!) foursome, bludgeons forth with swinging, pummeling grooves inspired by a vague vengeance. Take "Raise The Leghorn Bar", a mondo beyondo stomp, cruisin' down the highway with an oversized, rusty son-of-a-bitch of a pickup truck. The energy takes on a bristling, mountain razing strut in "Goddess of the Metal". Basically, thick, big man's punk and blue collar heavy gauge guitar circa '73. "Lefty Among the Leeches" is one of few spry pieces, zipping along more punk influenced than most of the other material. "Spatial Interpolation" leads the attack into full on Blue Oyster Cult mind rock, if only lyrically. Still louder than 99% of what passes for rock nowadays. The most alluring piece comes from "Way of the Intercepting Fist", a twisted hybrid of whining guitars and pounding...guitars!

As a whole, we have impressive, chronic thump, alcohol fueled shouts of intellectual anarchy come full circle and well...Yoda. If you know the power of Yoda, then you can see why this band succeeds in persuading, even if the message is brilliantly perplexing.

Brian Coles
January, 2001


Puny Human's 'Revenge is Easy' is the soundtrack for flippin' off cops, urinating in public, and growing long bushy Jim Morrison like-beards. It's misdemeaor rock, it makes you want to do wrong and makes it feel right. The Humans are like a hardcore band that drinks too much to give a fuck and knows the ins and outs of the beauty of "the riff". What a classic. Makes me want to do pushups, drink beer, go to the hardware store and rawk the fuck out.

Chris Barnes
January, 2001


And the award for the best use of a Jedi master on a metal album goes to... Puny Human, who begin Revenge Is Easy (Small Stone) with an edited snippet wherein Yoda reminds us, "You must feel the Force around you...here, between you...me...the tree...the rock." It's all, of course, about the rock - in this case, guttural throb and boogie in the storied tradition of Sabbath, Cactus, Scissorfight, B.O.C.,, Clearlight, Blue Cheer, and Alabama Thunderpussy, with enough subterranean snarl and swagger that they haven't had much problem covering Aerosmith or Skynard when the mood hits 'em. Their own songs ain't bad neither, 'specially the grindhouse muscle-car shitstorm "Jesus Has My Leg" ("Satan's got my hand/Vaders in my head/ Leia's not my friend"), "Goddess Of The Metal" (something about strippers and the apocalypse' downright Danzig-ian), and yet 'nother hyperdrive Star Wars nod, "Jimbo The Hutt." And "Stink Of Two Men" has the strength of at least three. Drummer Ian Robinson has a cool day job as MTV News' "metal correspondent"; The Puny ones have played up here almost often enough to qualify as honorary Rock City inductees, and they've got the Ironlung beards to prove it. Five Horse Johnson, Lamont, and Bottleneck Drag are also on the bill at The Linwood.

Carly Carioli
January 26, 2001


New York's own Puny Human has the distinction of leading the fight for rock's survival. These guys combine power, imagination, grit, heaviness, humor and down home head-bobbing gristle to set the speakers on fire and crumble the radio-friendly competition to mere silt, leaving them dull and lifeless. The savior of heavy rock and metal, what some title "Stoner Rock", is alive and willing-you just have to go out and find it. Get to the clubs, find out what the other like-minded folk are doing and for Sabbath's sake, you must own "Revenge is Easy", a 10 tracked omnipotent train ride destined to set the record straight that hope is clinging on for rock's resolution. The album begins with a telling tale: Yoda starts in by instructing that you must "feel the Force flowing through you. Between me, you, the trees, the ROCK?" and we are plunged into "Raze the Leghorn Bar", a searing punch to the temple which segues into "Goddess of the Metal," another lesson for the dim rockers ruining it for the rest of us. There is no denying the crystal clear hooks and harmonies buried in the thick blanket of distortion and drums that make this an amazing band and an amazing album. The sonic perfection of such tunes as "Eating Cigarettes," "Lefty Among the Leeches," "Jesus has my Leg," and "Way of the Intercepting Fist" leaves you bruised, beaten and begging for more. Something this brilliantly brutal and forgiving has to be appreciated over and over. When I got the album, I thought 'fine, another rock head outfit on a small label with clever titles.' But, when I listened to it a fifth time, I knew I had discovered something special. All I am saying is that if you appreciate heavy rock, need the endurance of metal and enjoy the pinpoint of musicality to boot, then Puny Human has come to say hello. Let's just hope they stay awhile. In the meantime, let us all thank them for "Revenge is Easy." My neighbors thank me daily for playing it.

Mark Whittaker
January, 2001

Album Tracks

  1. Raze the Leghorn Bar
  2. Goddess of the Metal
  3. Eating Cigarettes
  4. Lefty Among the Leeches
  5. Jesus Has My Leg
  6. Stink of Two Men
  7. Spatial Interpolation
  8. Jimbo the Hutt
  9. Way of Intercepting the Fist
  10. Damone

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