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Wrecked and Remixed


All the fierceness and beauty of Morsel's drones, dissonances and electro-organic neurotica are reinvented here in this variety cd. the ambient pump of robert rich, the casio foreplay of warn defever, the tangible intangibles of Persona; these fierce modulations bubble up your booty with such debonair candor that it is hard to conceal your positive mechanical thrusting....

sometimes it's better the second time.

1. needles - "needle" remix by warn defever
2. awaken freer - "ocho" remix by be hussey and vaunt
3. less is more - "didge" remix by persona
4. squeezebox medicine - remixed by robert rich
5. please - morsel remix by persona
6. muted - "not mute" remix by geoff streadwick
7. too long - mixed by be hussey and vaunt
8. snaggle tooth - morsel remix by fathead
9. all burning - "persian" remix by be hussey and vaunt

More about the remixers:

Robert Rich

Album Tracks

  1. Needles
  2. Awaken Freer
  3. Less is More
  4. Squeezebox Medicine
  5. Please
  6. Muted
  7. Too Long
  8. Snaggle Tooth
  9. All Burning

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