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Para Siempre


Para Siempre could easily rank number 1 on the Hedonistic Food Network with a main course like "RedRedRed." Chopped beats, puréed rhythms, and roasted guitar consommé, all served on a bed of organically grown electro-mixed greens. Topped off with Miriam Cabrera's creamy vocal Crème Fraîche, Morsel attacks (Massive Attack, Flying Saucer Attack) the sonic palette. Look it up: "Morsel" means "a tasty delicacy" or "one that is delightful and extremely pleasing." Mmm....a delicious disc.

Said to be "music that blows the mind in slow motion", Morsel's emotionally-charged sonic intensity conjures up feelings of personal retribution, and grants the listener entry into their dense world of corvette rides, wild chants, and brian eno-seducing forays...Recorded, produced, and designed in-house at the group's potent creative hub company.

Mixed by Bob Ebeling at Rustbelt Studios - Royal Oak MI

Album Tracks

  1. Intro
  2. Meadow
  3. Again and Again
  4. Cracked
  5. Pieces
  6. RedRedRed
  7. Para Siempre
  8. Sines
  9. Cops
  10. Hint of Man
  11. Like a Gift

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