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Five Horse Johnson
Double Down


Eric Oblander: Vox & Harp
Brad Coffin: Guitar & Vox
Steve Smith: Bass
Jim Armstrong: Drums

Produced by Greg Strzempka.
Engineered by Dave Piechura, Al Sutton, Jeff Stredwyck, Earl Owens, Chris Stoll, John Smerek.
Recorded at 40 oz Sound, Super Duper Recording Studio, and Audiomatrix.
Banjo and Backup vox by Greg Strzempka.
Cover art by Romulus Trout.

Album Tracks

  1. Downstone Blues
  2. Shine Eyed
  3. Double Down
  4. Roll With You
  5. Wash Your Hands
  6. Beggin' for Ball
  7. High Time
  8. Diamond
  9. People's Jam
  10. Submission

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