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Five Horse Johnson
Fat Black Pussycat


Recorded @ Rustbelt Studios - Royal Oak, MI in the Fall of 1998.
Produced By Dave Piechura and Al Sutton.

Artwork by Mark Dancey.

Reviews for Fat Black Pussycat...

Stoner Rock Rules

"Fat Black Pussy Cat" is one of the most essential heavy rock albums of our time, period."

Luciano Gaglio
April 2000

Metal Hammer

"Five Horse Johnson shoots straight down the middle with some super raw, ass-shakin,'blues boogie rock. These drunks have total ZZ Top damage (old ZZ, babies, the good stuff) and they just rock straight through the whole damn record! If you are into any kind of blues rock, you'll dig on this album. It's got that R.L.Burnside/ Junior Kimbrough sound to it but it packs a heavier punch. (Anyone remember Raging Slab?) This is music that you should drink an entire bottle of Yukon Jack to, before goin' into town and openin' up a can 'o whup-ass on someone. (8)"

Joel Whitcomb
February 2000


"Fat Black Pussy Cat - hold on I want to say it again. Fat Black Pussy Cat. If ever an album title straddled total innocence and utter lasciviousness, then this is it. When I first heard that Five Horse Johnson were back in the studio recording a follow up to Double Down, I got myself prepared for a disappointment. Double Down was one of my favorite albums of last year and I suspected - and even told a couple - that they'd never reach those glorious heights ever again. Well that munching sound in the background is me eating my words 'cos Fat Black Pussy Cat actually pulls off the impossible and better it's predecessor.
Now for the facts. Five Horse Johnson play R&B the way the Red Devils or Top Jimmy play the stuff, but more so! We're talking teeth rattlin', ass shakin', maximum R&B played with an intensity which is just as frightening. Live, they must leak a gallon of sweat at every gig - I lost a pint and a half just listening to the damn thing. If you like the idea of Canned Heat Jammin' with Sabbath, produced by Captain Beefheart then get on the Horse!"

Summer '99

Etch Magazine

"Smoky, dirty, drunk, sprawled all over the floor eating Fritos rock-n-roll the way it's meant to be. Eric Oblander and his Five Horse Johnson have come a long way in a seemingly short period of time and their new Cd for the nifty Detroit label Small Stone Records is a solid winner from front to back. Featuring the usual Mark Dancey acid-tinged artwork, Fat Black Pussy Cat is the perfect accompaniment for your next greasy barbecue. Check "Fly Back Home," with its low-down guitar licks and Eric's raspy self-assured vocals, and see if that don't put more dip in your hip. Hey fellas, when are you coming back to Lansing for another beer and whiskey session?

D. Wood
Volume 5, Issue 3, Summer '99

CMJ New Music Report

"Five Horse Johnson's impassioned twist and turns on traditional blues and hard-rock make Fat Black Pussy Cat rip up the room as it prowls through your speakers."

M. Tye Comer
June 21, 1999

Metro Times

"Five Horse Johnson is a wail of distorted guitar, overdriven harp, pound-shuffle-pound drumbeats and howling, classic blues tales as shouted from the bottom of a just-emptied wooden keg (whether that keg was full of gunpowder or corn liquor is irrelevant). The five second, rock-critic comparison special? The long-lost Robert Johnson-Black Sabbath sessions - it's just that devilishly hot."

Chris Handyside
November 1997


"Their name may sound like a cheap whiskey that will get you puke drunk...this band fucking rocks....see you at rehab."

B. Rohan
March 1998

MOO Magazine

"Five Horse Johnson are four white guys from the glass city who kick the shit out of the blues."

Anthony Barnett, Publisher
December 1997

Album Tracks

  1. Lightning When I Need
  2. Fly Back Home
  3. So Low
  4. She Don't Know
  5. Sermons in the Yard
  6. Say We Can
  7. Bleachin' Bones
  8. Climb Right Through
  9. I Cried
  10. Dead Language

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