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Produced by: The Rust Brothers.
Recorded @ Rustbelt Studios.
Faders by: Bob Ebeling, Al Sutton.
Mastered by: Gary Spaniola @ SellarSound.

* Seasons Of Wither was previously released on ss-018 "Right In the Nuts".

Reviews for Void...


Out of the streets of Detroit, MI comes this metallic-shining heavy psych monster,named NOVADRIVER and these four guys are playing a very tasteful mixture out of different ingredients like Blue Cheer, Stooges, MC5, Hawkwind and a bit Sabbath. But enough name-dropping ! I never heard anything of them before but this debut is an excellent surprise. Everything is performed with a passionate heaviness and far away from typical stoner rock. Heavy burning rockers like "Rocket Superstar" or "Spinning Into No Future" gave me a fine lift-off. "Void" doesn?t invent nothing new ,but it?s the way this band is working out an own profile. They are high explosive, cool and full of groove and energy. Especially these influences from the American and British 60?s Garage-Rock/Psych era is giving the massive heavy fuzz-laden Rock this special vibe. Tons of atmospheric guitar effects and the very cool vocals of Mark Miers on top of it. They know how to create emotional and catchy songs with different emotions and energetic variations and breaks.

I will not write about single songs, because here are no fillers. And that?s the debut of this young band and it?s a pretty amazing and hopeful album. "Void" is for sure packed with some trippy effects that are giving "Void" enough drive to explore the universe. The album closes with a nice heavy cover version of Aerosmith?s "Seasons Of Wither", formally released on the "Right In The Nuts" Aerosmith tribute also on Small Stone. So, I must admit that a new small star was born and I?m looking forward to new material. A highly recommandable album, that grows with every listening and you can order it directly from the fine Detroit-based label Small Stone Records and check out the homepage of NOVADRIVER.

September, 2001


For those of you who remember reading in Aural Innovations about Detroit rockers Walk On Water, Novadriver is a new band formed by 3/4 of that band... Billy Reedy on guitars and vocals, James B. Anders on bass and guitar, Eric Miller on drums and percussion, plus newcomer Mark Miers on organ and vocals. Imagine Walk On Water heading down a Monster Magnet path and you'll get something like Novadriver. The music is Stoner heavy in the Black Sabbath spirit and gorgeously acid psychedelic, but the boys haven't forsaken the good old rock 'n roll feel that Walk On Water had. The music moves along at a blazing head-boppin' clip, rather than the valium-paced sludge that characterizes so much Stoner rock. In fact, a great 70's heavy rock feel prevails throughout the album.

After an instrumental intro the band launch hard and heavy into "Rocket Superstar", complete with screaming wah'd space licks and crunchy Stoner chords. "End Of The Universe", "Particle Explosion", and "Shoot The Sky" are easily my favorite tracks. "End Of The Universe" is an upbeat rocker with layers of swirling space guitars and chainsaw chords. I didn't really appreciate this tune until I listened with headphones. Then all the varied guitar layers and little voice samples revealed themselves, making this a killer track and showcasing some damn fine use of the studio. "Particle Explosion" is the other standout guitar track with some of the most blazing and tripped out bubbling guitars on the album. Imagine Black Sabbath switching from valium to speed. And "Shoot The Sky" just really grabbed me. It's a great song and rocks HARD! Love those bashing and screaming guitars. I almost blew the speakers in my car from playing this so loud.

In summary, Novadriver are a damn fine psych rockin' good time. And they know how to write solid catchy songs as well. The playing is solid, good vocals, excellent production, and lots of cosmic heavy rock 'n roll. A lot of these songs have serious radio play potential, but don't let that scare you off. I don't think anyone on MTV is wailing on their guitars like these guys. Stoner psych fans that want more roll with their rock rather than just zoning out can step right this way.

Jerry Kranitz
Issue #17 - September, 2001


Noisy, blaring punk rock with a psychedelic twist, Novadriver deliver mountains of unabashed, loud guitar-soaked rock music that comes at you from every angle, doesn't let go, sending you for ride after ride, time and time again. This is solidified noise at its prime, driving and cuttings its way through the noise of the world to become the noise in your head. I'll give it a B.

Alex Steininger
Issue Thirty-Nine - July 2001


Novadriver's space metal rockets out of Detroit to take you on a warped, interstellar trip "across the universe at the speed of light, alright, alright!" ("End of the Universe"). On Void, Mark Miers' real-deal rock vocals have a slight electronic fuzz, like they've been beamed in from somewhere out there. Blasting from behind are Billy Reedy's Black Sabbath, psychedelic power chords; Jim Anders' nuclear bass riffs; and Eric Miller's smash and bang drums. "Satellite Night" begins like the landing of some giant warship about to impose a close encounter on the Earth. "Sleep" burns the whole thing down with a slow-groove, psychic/psychotic trip that would fit well alongside the Queens of the Stone Age. The title track takes some of the best heavy metal vocals to infinity and back. Novadriver finishes the album with an amazing, big, drugged-out cover of Aerosmith's "Seasons of Wither." This album evokes the heaviness of early '70s metal, when the world was truly rocked by the music. Novadriver makes the wall of riffage leading into guitar deity solos and insanely on the edge drums sound totally new again. On "Particle Explosion," Miers welcomes the listeners to "the ending of all time." Void just might be another big bang.

Charles Spano
May, 2002


Novadriver hail from the mean streets of Detroit Rock City, and as they show throughout their debut disc, these boys have learned their rock and roll lessons well. Blending classic "stoner rock" sounds with a certain 21st Century mentality, these guys have emerged with a sound that is simulaneously retro yet vital- the kind of thing you can blast on a hot summer's day and just feel the amp-driven breeze move around you. Sure, this is a far cry from the Slipknot-induced sounds of today, but it's as close to the core-root of heavy metal as you're likely to encounter.

RATING: ****

Rock Critic
December, 2001


Acid-drenched stoner metal swirling through a haze of Motor City mayhem.
From the opening notes of "Satellite Night," it's crystal clear this Detroit quartet channel the glorious era of Camaro rock. With the relentless trudge of the best stoner rock coursing through their rhythm section, Novadriver radiate Hawkwind-like space metal and '70s arena-rock bombast. Billy Reedy's vicious, wah-torn guitar solos add appropriate violence, raining acid from the skies in white-knucklers like "Rocket Superstar." With the exception of the dreamy "Sleep" and an airy cover of Aerosmith's "Seasons Of Wither." Void is a high-decibel, majestically bloated romp through Motor City mayhem.

Eric Bensel
November, 2001


From the ashes of the infamous psychedelic space rock band Walk On Water, comes Novadriver; a full on assault of classic guy rock akin to the early '90s stoner metal days and early '70s high times. 50 minutes of booming bass, spit wash drums and acid guitar grooves are included on the debut. Billy Reedy, Eric Miller, James B. Anders ( WOW) and singer Mark Miers have completed high voltage psychedelic rock that is tossed into a thundering vibration. Although most of the songs run together (which is what stoner rock does), the slick production effortlessly directs each track. ˘End of the Universe÷ and ˘Spinning Into No Future÷ give you a glimpse into the bandĂs unabashed acid trip take on the abysmal state of the world, before you next step into an aural haze with the medicinal grooves on ˘Sleep.÷ The band gets shit-kicking with thrashing guitar riffs and hero rock vocals on ˘Shoot the Sky,÷ where Miers howls about motherfuckking guns ,and when they really kick it, like they do again on ˘Void÷ ű when he sounds like heĂs going to pass out if he screams any louder ű is when the band conquers.

Reason to Buy: Three-dimensional melodic psychedelic rock.
Best Listening Experience: ˘Sleep÷ and ˘Rocket Superstar.÷

Shannon McCarthy
May, 2001


It's about time something good came from Detroit. I don't care what anyone says, Kiss sucks, Ted Nugent turned out to be a real load, and it's been a long time since Motown was big.

Novadriver first caught my ear on Small Stone Records recent Aerosmith Tribute with an excellent version of "Seasons of Wither", (also included on this album as a bonus track) perhaps even better than the original. So it was a pleasant surprise to find a copy of the new one in my mailbox.

Novadriver play what I will now call "Power Psychedelia"....Like a very hyperactive early Jefferson Airplane on anabolics and without Grace Slick, or the Troggs on dexedrine and black French Roast. Maybe even like the Seeds if every song sounded like "Pushin' too hard.." Guitars are set on stun, Mark Mier's vocals are ever so slightly wrapped in electronic warmth, drums played almost to the point of careening out of control, bass set tastefully back in the mix (how long since you've heard THAT?!). This is 1966 all over again.

Highlights include the ripping psychedelia of "Rocket Superstar", the Seed-like "Spinning out of Control", the mellow mellotronic groove laced with guitar volume of "Sleep", The catchy "Shoot the Sky" (check the sing song middle part...it's cool!!). Hmmm... most of the tunes are pretty damn good. Actually. Another quality release from Small Stone.

Get's an 8 out of 10. It would get more if I didn't get the sense the band digs a caffine-buzz a little too much. I hope it's caffine anyway. ÷

Chris Barnes
May, 2001


Hot on the heels of their last excellent release (Five HorseJohnson's "The No. 6 Dance"), Small Stone Records delivers another stunner by newcomers Novadriver. A twisting, turning hard rock/psychedelic riff extravaganza, "Void" rocks your ass with melodic grooves and treats your ears to glorious sonic pleasures. This Detroit based quartet uses the effective simplicity of "Detroit Rock" (think Iggy, MC5 etc.) to grab your attention, but then fleshes things out with closely attended details so the songs have staying power over repeated listens. And I did listen repeatedly, I played this more than any other cd I've ever reviewed...

"Satellite Night" comes on very slow and Kyuss-like before exploding like Iggy Pop at a Fourth of July music festival. Massive rock riffs delivered uptempo with huge bottom end and unapologetic rock lyrics. The exact prescription for your rock malaise. "Spinning Into No Future" visits classic 70's hard rock riffing and fleshes it out with super thick production that makes it sound SO GOOD. Then they spin out an acid guitar-fueled bridge that forces your head to snap up and down while your ears are overwhelmed with a wash of dense wah pedal psychedelia. Includes a nice version of Aerosmith's "Seasons Of Wither" to make sure you know where they're coming on. Believe me, they make that point just fine all by themselves.

In addition to everything else, the packaging on this cd is ace. The cool illustrations and thematic presentation enhance the overall experience. This is the Big Hard Rock Record that will transport you back to feeling like a teenager. Can you ask for more than that?

Drew Webster
June, 2001

Album Tracks

  1. Satellite Night
  2. Rocket Superstar
  3. Spinning Into No Future
  4. End of the Universe
  5. Sleep
  6. Shoot the Sky
  7. Void
  8. Sixty Seven
  9. Particle Explosion
  10. Seasons of Wither*

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