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Acid King
Busse Woods (reissue)


Lori S: Vocals & Guitar
Joey Osbourne: Drums
Brian Hill: Bass

Recorded by Billy Anderson @ Division Hi-Fi

Produced by Acid King

Reviews for Busse Woods (reissue)...

Francoise Massacre - Monolith (Greece)

Question: Is there a female copy of Wino?
Answer: Definately, and her name is Lori S.

Who is she and what is she doing? This lady does the lead vocals, plays lead and rhythm guitar, writes the lyrics and music and is the producer of this album. What more did she have to do?I never want to hear again of misprints such as Kittie, Bottom and other similar female bands. All of them together are no match for Lori S. The obvious difference is that Lori doesn't try to sell based only on her beauty. It's just a guitar that is pictured in the photograph and a female palm playing a rhythm.

Acid King are mainly Lori S. (guitar/vocals) and Joey Osbourne (drums). Brian Hill (bass), Dale Grover (gong, whip, e-bow) are "mercenary" sessions (Hill) or friends (Grover) who just help to finish the album. Acid King's musical fortress is characterized by (very long) slow doom compositions, suicidal female vocals, slow and mourning drums, monolithic solos, paleolithic bass, underground production, doomsday atmosphere. These are the meaning of doom metal. Did anyone say that our genre is undergoing a crisis?

Rate: 13/13
November, 2004

Kristopher Upjohn - Fish Film Collective

You know you're in for a treat when the spawn-of-Iommi guitarwork lumbers out of the speakers with nearly the power of the original three-note satanic progression of the song, "Black Sabbath". Out of the totally beautiful murk comes spiriting the female vocalist who sounds as if she's channeling the spirit - if not entirely the sound, though there are stylistic similiarities - of the Ozz himself. Acid King has lovingly kept alive the spirit of classic heavy metal (considering that what we now call doom metal was the first form of heavy metal), coming closer than any band in the stoner scene I've yet to hear to recreating the magic of the original Sabbath line-up. Yet the distortion heavy sludgings of Acid King have their own personality and are far more than a rehash of the works of Black Sabbath. It's just that you can see the flame of the masters alight within this music ...
November, 2004

Album Tracks

  1. Electric Machine
  2. Silent Circle
  3. Drive Fast, Take Chances
  4. 39 Lashes
  5. Carve the 5
  6. Busse Woods
  7. Motorhead
  8. Not Fragile

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